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Abu Bakarr Saccoh (pictured) has two bachelor’s and a master’s degree and is seeking a job as an accountant. But, for the moment , he is making ends meet by driving a cab instead.

Unable to find a job in his chosen field for the past two years, Saccoh decided to conjure up a way in which he could cleverly market himself in hopes of landing a job in his line of work by posting his resume in the passenger area of the cab he drives, reports NBC 10.

The Sierra Leone native, who drives and lives in Philadelphia, decided that publicly advertising his resume in the cab would highly increase his chances of coming in contact with someone who could help him secure an accounting position.

“The first thing I do when I jump in my cab — after I put my certificate up and get everything in order — I immediately put my resume up, Saccoh told NBC 10. “In my cab, you never know who you’re gonna run in to. It’s all about increasing your chances.”

The 43-year-old cab driver has been at his off-the-beaten-path self-promotion for a year-and-a-half. He has also covered his entire job searching bases by posting his resume on practically every major career search website.

Saccoh claims that he does enjoy driving cabs but prefers to be an accountant. He says such a position can help his countrymen who oftentimes have trouble understanding the tax filing process on these shores. “Many of my people are very scared about taxes or they don’t understand it,” he said. “They need somebody they can talk to in their own language, that will tell them how to do it. So, maybe I can have a tax business and do their taxes. That is where I think I will add value, not only to a company but also to my community. That is what is important.”

While Saccoh’s self-promotion has not landed him a job yet, he has received lots of positive feedback and a few savvy pieces of advice from his customers. “Every single person that jumps in my cab and sees my resume, you can tell they want to do anything they can do to help,” he said. “People offer different things; they offer to edit my resume to make it look better or to forward it to other people. People are willing and prepared to help in a lot of different ways.”

However, the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) does not sanction Saccoh’s marketing ploy and, according to their spokesman Marty O’Rourke, if an inspector comes across a driver’s unauthorized posted materials in their cabs, he or she will get slapped with a hefty fine.

Meanwhile, Saccoh is not trembling in his boots about possibly getting caught by a PPA inspector and told NBC 10 that a fine might be well worth the extra exposure stating, “I wake up every morning thinking I’m gonna hit my defining moment today, you know. I am very, very hopeful that the opportunity will come at any moment; maybe from someone who gets in my cab.”