I can give you 10 GREAT reasons to reinstitute slavery:

1. Reduce homelessness

2. Add value to Black life

3. Universal healthcare

4. End Black apathy

5. Establish a code of Black family

6. Erase uselessness like Black literacy

7. Reduce crime

8. Reduce illegal immigration

9. Return America to near full employment

10. Reduce the illegal sex trade

Paterson, New Jersey is considering the implementation of an adult curfew to deal with what the city considers to be an out-of-control crime wave. The proposed curfew would last from 12am till 7am, continue for the rest of the summer and subject anyone caught outside during the period of the curfew to a $2000 fine or 90 days in jail.

Now, there’s a technical term for this proposed curfew and that’s “Martial Law“. Martial Law is a strategy that is used during times of war. So what we can surmise from the fact that Paterson, New Jersey wants to institute Martial Law is that it considers itself at war with its inhabitants. Its inhabitants are 32.9% Black, 50.1% Latino.

If this bill is passed in Paterson, expect reported crime statistics to drop dramatically (whether actual crime does or does not) and watch other “hoods” quickly follow suit with their own adult curfews.

Then, after seeing how docile we are in the face of having our freedoms so violently snatched away, expect the authorities to bring back the chains!

And don’t worry! It’ll all be done for your own good! They’ll be big names, HUGE names, Black people that you can and will trust who’ll be able to convince you that slavery is really the best condition that you as a Black person could possibly hope for.

They’ll be able to give you reasons, even better reasons than the 10 that I gave you (and didn’t those all sound good?) for why you should pick up your shackles willingly!

Personally, I can’t wait to return to the plantation! Look at my complexion; I’ll be in the house!

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