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Former hip-hop-performer-turned-reality-show star Flavor Flav (pictured) was arrested on Thursday in Hempstead, N.Y., and charged with felony aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, after police discovered he reportedly had 16 suspensions on his driver’s license, according to TMZ.

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When Flavor Flav was reportedly stopped by authorities, he admitted that he was doing 79 mph in a 55 mph zone.

According to Flav, he was speeding for a good reason, though, because he was en route to his mother’s, Anna Drayton (pictured below), funeral.

After investigators delved into Flav’s rap sheet, though, they reportedly discovered that he actually had 16 license suspensions. According to a police spokesperson, the celeb had a slew of unpaid parking tickets that had eventually turned into suspensions. Officers also allegedly stumbled upon a small amount of marijuana in Flav’s vehicle.

The 54-year-old entertainer and Father of seven was booked after his arrest then released because he had to attend his mother’s funeral. Drayton, who reportedly passed away on New Year’s Eve, had appeared numerous times on his now-defunct reality show “The Flavor of Love.”  The former hype man announced his mother’s passing via his Twitter page.

Flavor Flav, whose actual name is William Drayton, is best known for his on-stage buffoonery during his rap heyday as a prominent member of the ’80s socially conscious hip-hop group Public Enemy.