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UPDATED: 8:54 a.m. ET, Feb. 17, 2020 —

Former President Barack Obama has been out of office for just over three years, and sadly, many Americans — especially his successor — have been dwelling on what they call disappointments instead of focusing on the 44th commander in chief’s numerous accomplishments.

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What needs to be understood is that when Obama took office, he inherited a country that was in complete shambles. He had to literally roll up his sleeves to tackle a decimated economy, healthcare reform, energy independence, and immigration reform, plus negotiate several wars — just to name a few things on his executive plate.

As the country’s first African American president, he also had to duke it out with his very own D.C. politicos to get support for various policies. In addition, battling daily against racists who deemed him unfit for the illustrious head-of-state job was no easy feat. Yet, despite his many critics, we stand behind our president and offer five reasons why we remain loving him!

1) One of the biggest and most-criticized Obama-backed reforms is the historic Affordable Care Act. Five presidents actually failed to create a health insurance plan that was not exorbitant and that Americans, across the board, could participate in. This year, more than 8 million Americans still had access to quality and affordable healthcare insurance coverage through Obamacare. Bravo!

2) Former President George W. Bush could not do it, but our Prez did! After nine long and debilitating years in Iraq, 4,000 U.S. soldier deaths, and 32,000 U.S. troop injuries, the war that began in March 2003 under Bush’s watchful eye came to an end in December 2011. Obama had fulfilled one of his central campaign promises to end the war that he once referred to as “dumb,” vowing at the time to bring the troops home under his administration.

3) Osama Bin Laden was a dastardly terrorist who masterminded a devastating attack on these shores. The Al Qaeda terrorist group leader and the most-hunted man on the planet, who had eluded the CIA and the U.S. military for nearly a decade, was finally killed in May 2011. The defining moment in the American-led fight against terrorism that took place under Obama’s command gave further impetus to the President’s agenda of finally bringing the American troops home. Bin Laden’s demise came nearly 10 years after Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four American passenger jets on Sept. 11, 2001, crashing three of them into the World Trade Center in New York City and the U.S. Pentagon outside Washington D.C. The fourth hijacked jet, United Flight 93, crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside after passengers fought the militants.

4) Our president is one of the eco-friendliest we’ve had in power. Obama pushed federal agencies to become more eco-conscious. More than four years ago, he issued an executive order requiring all federal agencies to make plans to curb their environmental impacts by 2020. Goals included a 30 percent reduction in fleet gasoline use, a 26 percent boost in water efficiency and sustainability requirements for 95 percent on all federal contracts. Since the federal government is the country’s single biggest purchaser of goods and services, the push is very likely to have ripple effects throughout the economy for years to come.

5) With his first lady Michelle by his side, together, they fought the good fight of putting in place healthier school meals in an effort to wipe out childhood obesity. President Obama signed the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act in 2010, mandating that $4.5 billion be allotted toward developing higher nutritional and health standards for this country’s children’s lunches. The bill meant that the amount of nutritional fruits and veggies are doubled and require that only whole grains in food be served to school-aged children.

These five Obama accomplishments are just a drop in the bucket in the string of successes that he has secured under his belt, both in and out of office. What the man got done in the first two years in office is mind-boggling, even though he was met with combative opposition from Conservative populist, social, and political Tea Party members. Obama steered this country out of what many economic forecasters were saying would have resulted in a second Great Depression.

Yet, through it all and then some, Barack Obama has maintained his cool-like-dat ‘tude, dashing smile, and confident stride. We also admire our president because he is also a loving husband, doting dad and nurturing friend. One day we’ll look back on this time as one where a glorious icon lived in American politics.


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