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Mark Lester, a British former child star and godfather to Michael Jackson’s three kids, sat down with Matt Lauer on the Today Show Friday to address rumors that he may be Paris Jackson’s sperm donor.

“There’s a possibility that one, or, very unlikely, but all of those kids could be mine,” he said. When Lauer pressed him on whether he knew definitively if he was Paris’s biological father, he said he had “no idea, and even if I was, it would make absolutely no difference to the status quo of the family.”

“Michael was very shy when it came to women, and he confided in me that he actually found it very difficult to do the sexual act,” Lester said. And so, in a seeming non-sequitur, Jackson asked Lester for his sperm around the time Paris was conceived.

“Whether he wanted to increase the chances of artificial insemination…he just said he was very very nervous and didn’t feel like he was up to going through the act,” he said. “I had given something as a gift and I didn’t want anything in return for it. That was it. End of story.”

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