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A lot of young people seem to take action against injustices from behind their smartphone screens, but while social media can serve as a means of “e-activism,” it shouldn’t end with a tweet.

On “NewsOne Now, this morning, a panelist of young African American leaders discussed how the new generation can foster movements to create change.

“It’s easy to tweet about something all of the time,” Kristal High, of Political 365 said, “but it’s harder to get out there and face some real consequences behind it. We definitely do have those leaders amongst us who are willing to get out there and fight, but it’s easier to talk about it than be about it.”

“It’s not just to see one part of the movement as the movement, the pedestal for leadership,” said Deon T. Jones, of Justice for Youth. “Online is just one part of a collaborative movement. If we open up those lines of communication to the academics, to the law enforcement officers, to students… we can actually get things done.”

Listen to the entire panel discussion below:

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