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Anton Moore, President & Founder Of Unity In The Community

Base Of Operations: Philadelphia, Pa.

Why he is a Community Hero: Anton Moore founded Unity In The Community in an effort to unify his South Philadelphia neighborhood aided by a year-long initiative to curtail gang and drug activity. As noted in the organization’s tagline, Moore is hoping to change lives in the crime-riddled area.

South Philadelphia, like many crime-riddled neighborhoods across the nation, are not destined to become hopeless wastelands. In every one of these areas, there are community leaders who fight daily to inspire positive change for the less fortunate. Anton Moore, the president and founder of the Unity In The Community organization aims to do just that.

Raised in the notorious Tasker Homes projects, Moore and his three siblings grew up in the tough environment but it didn’t break the young man’s desire to break free of poverty’s chains. After working behind the scenes as an intern for BET and eventually in the world of music programming, Moore created Unity In The Community using his work connections and urban savvy.

“Unity In The Community is a nonprofit organization that puts together a year-long initiative to help stop the violence and the drug activity here in South Philadelphia,” explained Moore.

“Growing up in the Tasker Homes projects, it was always problem with the morale in the community and people didn’t have anything to look forward to. It was one of those situations where you had neighbors that didn’t look out for one another. And I always said I wanted to build an organization that will build the morale, bring people together so they could unite as one,” Moore added.

Moore and his group hosts around ten events per year, based on the need of the community. Most recently, a turkey and coat drive alongside hometown rap artist Meek Mill received a measurable amount of good press. In a series of bi-weekly meetings Moore’s group and other community partners brainstorm on initiatives and other plans to assist those in need.

Moore’s flagship event is the annual Unity In The Community summer concert and block party held on the corner of 20th and Snyder Avenue. For the last six years, entertainers such as local artists Beanie Sigel, Jazmine Sullivan and the aforementioned Meek Mill have graced the block party stages. Along with the free concert, the family-friendly event also provides food and drinks along with party rides for children.

Moore proudly stated that crime in South Philly has dropped by 34 percent, thanks to the efforts of his organization and other partners. Instead of offering hollow promises, Moore believe if one leads by action that the neighborhood will follow suit. Moore also hopes to expand Unity In The Community to other states such as Maryland and New Jersey, with groups there expressing admiration of his efforts in Philadelphia.

Moore’s devotion to helping others doesn’t come cheaply and he hopes that through fundraising, Unity In The Community can improve upon their efforts. Although Moore has done quite a bit out of his own pocket and with the help of volunteers, he is currently soliciting donations.

To learn more, visit Moore’s Unity In The Community website here.