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President Barack Obama will make his State of the Union address tonight, and Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings believes that it’s important for him to speak on the working poor and lower income class, as well as the middle class. He also stresses that the country needs to be more focused on how to amass real wealth as well as education.

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Cummings addressed his concern on “NewsOne Now” and stated that 50 percent of black wealth has been diminished due to housing foreclosures and unemployment, and that the President should be more on top of this. “Education has gotten too expensive, a lot of people can’t even go,” said Cummings. “The other thing we’ve got to do is concentrate on training people for jobs that are available… I’m hoping the President will use the executive order or whatever he has to do… There’s no time for threatening. He needs to just go out and do it.

“What does he have to lose? He has three years left,” Cummings continued. “He has to act now.”

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