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How does a celeb like Toni Braxton (pictured) buy a $3 million mansion on the block where Justin Bieber lives, after filing for bankruptcy twice already? Well, the reality show diva has reportedly managed to do it, with her purchase of the gated community residence in ritzy Calabasas, Calif., reports TMZ.

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The 5,323-sq.-ft. home has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, and even though it is supposedly the smallest house on the block, inquiring minds want to know how Braxton managed to get a mortgage after filing for bankruptcy in 2010.

It’s just been “another sad love song” between the 46-year-old Grammy Award-winner and her money and the woes began back in 1998. Reportedly, extravagance led to her first bankruptcy filing. At the time, there was speculation that Braxton squandered away a reported $2.5 million in makeup, hair, clothing, and other indulgences.

In 2010, Braxton, who co-stars with her sisters and mother on the WE tv hit reality show “Braxton Family Values,” filed for bankruptcy again, owing a reported $50 million in unpaid debts all across the country that ranged from Orkin Pest Control to Tiffany & Co to DMV’s in two states.

The IRS also came after the songstress in 2010, filing a lien against her for $396,330.

Braxton has had two homes foreclosed on thus far as a result of her money problems, and hopefully, this recent one won’t be the third!

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