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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard about how difficult it has been for folks down in Atlanta over the last few days. Thousand of drivers in the Atlanta metropolitan area were left stranded in their cars for hours on highways. Many have blamed Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed for the weather issues, but Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” TV explained that what’s happening there is not all the mayor’s fault. 

Kasim has managerial control over most, but not all, of Fulton County, where Atlanta is situated. The greater Atlanta area comprises of 28 counties with 140 cities and towns sprawled over an area the size of Massachusetts. Kasim does not have power over them.

Martin spoke with retired Lt. Gen. Russell Honore over the phone about how Reed should respond to the criticism and boy did he give his opinion with some shade to match. 

“You handle a disaster the way Corey Booker handles it, not Ray Nagin,” Honore said. Well, let you watch the rest here:

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