Hip-hop endured a huge loss with the passing of producer Rico Wade. Keep reading to find some of his most notable musical contributions to the industry.


The lawsuit centers on murder charges against rapper Ludacris' manager Shaka Zulu.

Around 45% of the program's participants stated that they utilized the funds to settle outstanding bills. Some used the income to help with childcare costs.

During testimony this week, a witness in the Young Thug trial admitted he was high on drugs and might fall asleep on the stand.


There's been heavy opposition from activists.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Deacon Johnny Hollman Sr. died over a traffic ticket.

Laneisha Shantrice Henderson tried to burn down Martin Luther King's birth home in Atlanta, police say. But why would a Black person do that?

After protests over “Cop City,” the Atlanta police chief blamed protesters for the violence, stating that marchers were there to provoke.


Global investment firms buying up local properties are indeed hurting Atlanta families – specifically, Black ones, who are being squeezed out of homeownership by corporate investors.

An Atlanta cop was fired after tasing Johnny Hollman Sr. during a dispute over a traffic ticket, which led to his death. 


Atlanta Public Safety Training Center, known as "Cop City," undermine democracy and is a far cry from "governing for the people, by the people," writes Everette Thompson of Race Forward.