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Doctah B. Sirius joined “NewsOne Now” to talk subconscious alignment and reducing stress levels through meditation for Monday’s FitLiveWin segment. Sirius also offered easy tips for effective meditation.

“[Meditation] reduces the stress level. It creates a state of love and peace and harmony, well-being,” said Sirius. “It reduces symptoms of a lot of diseases. Most major diseases are based on stress. It’s the thought process that creates disease first,” he said.

Sirius went on to share that through mediation, it’s possible to shift the mind away from disease-causing stress points to a state of harmony that will allow clarity and, ultimately, better health. As a starting point, Sirius suggests taking time out to focus only on positive thoughts.

“If you can, it’s best to get in a place where it’s quiet, a place where you don’t have the distractions,” he says. “Focus on a candle. Some people use music, or just a constant breathing. When you take control of your breathing, you take control of your entire immune system, your entire body.”

Listen to the full segment, including Sirius’ tips for effective meditation.

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