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Jesse Jackson, Sr. appeared on “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin again Tuesday to promote his initiative for economic justice for black Americans, the 17th annual Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit. Via satellite and live from the event, he filled Martin in on the summit’s agenda and reiterated its mission.

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“We speak often of the three trillion dollars that we spend. It’s not just how much we spend, it’s how much we leverage and how much we invest at the end of the day,” said Jackson. “Starting with advertising: There was not one black company with an ad on Super Bowl Sunday, only one in 48 years. Well, that ought to matter to us,” he said.

Jackson continued to cite companies like eBay, Amazon and Google that lack blacks on their boards of directors and said it’s imperative that change. He, and other organizers from Rainbow PUSH, plan discuss such matters throughout the three-day program.

Watch Jackson live from the Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit.

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