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Recently, rapper, Q-Tip, criticized New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg on Twitter. Here are some things he wrote.

Don’t vote for bloomberg if u are a humanitarian.

Don’t vote for bloomberg if love your quality of life

If you are a true blue new york jew DON’T vote for bloomberg!

In an interview with NewsDay he said:

“His viewpoint of New York City is from his East Side town house . . . his occasional jaunt to a neighborhood is when he has to go for political substance or [to] quell anger in a neighborhood,” Q-tip told Newsday.

Q-Tip, who has never been a registered voter in New York, began his “Anti-Bloomberg operation” last week. The Queens native and former member of hip-hop trio A Tribe Called Quest said the Twitter bashing was sparked by what he called Bloomberg’s poor handling of the homeless and his decision to change the term-limits law to seek a third term.

In November, Bloomberg signed a bill changing term limits. He cited his fiscal experience needed to guide the city through troubling economic times.

“That’s pretty egotistic in a way,” said Q-tip, who was born Jonathan Davis.