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Monday, the “NewsOne Now” panel discussed the 45th NAACP Image Awards. Harvey “Star” Washington, Jamie Foster Brown and Eben Gregory joined Roland Martin for the discussion. Panelists praised the award show and many of the stars’ appearances on the red carpet, but Foster Brown took issue with black stars who don’t acknowledge the black designers who make their clothes.

“One of the things that kind of concerns me a little is that we’re always giving exposure to other designers, especially when we’re on the carpet” said Foster Brown. “There are black designers [and] we never big them up. [It] just irritates me because they do so well…I didn’t hear one…When we have the opportunity to have a platform like that, we have to bring everyone along.”

Foster Brown went on to say that she even knows certain black stars who will ask black designers to not share that they worked on their red carpet looks, presumably to maintain crossover appeal for their brands.

“How are we going to grow, how are we going to flourish if we don’t help one another,” asked Foster Brown.

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