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Carmen Perez Dickson (pictured right of center), a Bridgeport, Conn., elementary school principal, was captured on surveillance video dragging two kindergarteners on separate occasions along a school hallway floor in the spring of 2012. The educator was put on a six month suspension for the incident and now wants to resume her duties, but outraged parents want her fired instead, according to NBC News.

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In the video, made public last week, Perez-Dickson is seen man-handling the young students, dragging them by their legs, arms and even hoodies, like a sack of potatoes, along the Tisdale School’s corridor’s floor.

According to Live Leak, the mothers of the two children involved made the videos public last week.

Watch video of Perez-Dickson dragging the students here:

When the Bridgeport Board of Education investigated the Perez-Dickson case, they decided last October to suspend the educator for six months as opposed to firing her. Sandra Kase, the chief administrative officer for the school system, recommended to the board that Perez-Dickson be terminated for her ruffian actions. Kase told NBC News, “The board did not exactly agree with us, so the action that was taken was not what we recommended. If I saw the same evidence and saw the same video today, we’d support the same recommendation we made at the time.”

Perez-Dickson is a 35-year veteran administrator who won a $1 million judgment against the school district in 2009, when it tried and failed to terminate her contract. That judgment was eventually overturned. Dickson’s attorney, who spoke to NBC News, says his client exercised actions that were well within the Board of Education’s policy guidelines with regards to instituting reasonable force on a child.

Meanwhile, Kase told NBC News that Perez-Dickson will return from her six-month suspension next month but will not resume her role as principal.

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