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A Holmes County, Mississippi man who died Wednesday night is alive today and his family says that it’s a miracle, reports WJTV.

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Walter “Snowball” Williams, 78, was pronounced dead by Holmes County Coroner Dexter Howard.

“After they got through checking him, the coroner, they pronounced him dead and put him in a plastic bag, zipped him up and took him, put him in the hearse and they left,” says Eddie Hester, Williams’ nephew.

After he was taken to the funeral home, his leg started moving, prompting the mortician to contact the family.

“Seemed like he had more life in him again,” said Williams’ daughter Martha A. Lewis. “And then we had just stopped talking, and he told us ‘what did you all stop talking for?’ Hallelujah, thank you, Jesus!”

“…it was not my daddy’s time,” says Lewis. “I don’t know how much longer he’s going to grace us and bless us with his presence, but hallelujah, we thank Him right now!”

The coroner could offer no medical explanation, saying that Williams’ return to the land of the living was nothing short of a miracle.

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