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The Republican National Committee announced a new ad campaign Monday entitled “Create Your American Dream.” According to the RNC, the series of ads features Americans talking about what issues matter to them and why they choose to vote Republican.

In a press release, the party says the ads have been launched with a six-figure ad buy in fourteen 2014 target Senate states. They’ll appear in Arkansas, Alaska, Louisiana, North Carolina, Colorado, Michigan, West Virginia, South Dakota, Iowa, Montana, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oregon, and Virginia –and in Washington, DC, and New York.

Interestingly enough, some ads will air on TVOne during “News One Now” with Roland Martin. Tell us, what do you think? Are you more likely to take a second look at the GOP after watching these commercials?

Watch the new ad from the GOP’s “Create Your American Dream” campaign.

One of the campaign’s stars is Raquel Riley Thomas, a “producer, reality-show star, pageant Queen, and activist.” She also happens to be a “decorated U.S. Army officer.” Watch her “New Ideas” ad.

Raquel Riley Thomas also appears in an ad called, “Better Future.”

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