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Daily Beast columnist Joshua DuBois, former director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, published a controversial column Sunday that suggests Ben Carson’s politics have marred his professional accomplishments. DuBois laid out his argument in an article entitled, “Ben Carson Was a Role Model for Black Teens Until He Sold Out to the Right.”

The problem is that, when exposed to the political limelight, Carson’s “gifted hands” have become careless, callous. And that’s a huge problem for former admirers like me. Before our eyes, he is trading in the lasting significance of his impact on the world for whatever small reward is offered to him by CPAC, Fox News, or whatever Tea Party figure applauds him next. And we—the Carson boys, who met him years ago in our low moments and who he helped in ways small or large—can only watch in horror. For us, Dr. Ben Carson’s story has become an American tragedy. We can only pray that he reclaims his narrative in a way that still will offer others hope. Read more.

Roland Martin and the “NewsOne Now” panel took on the topic Tuesday. Listen to what they had to say.

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