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An elementary school bus driver in Floresville, Texas was caught on camera making fun of a little girl who had been crying on the bus.  The driver, referred to as “Miss Pat,” invited other students on the bus to chime in and mock the upset little girl as well, reports KSAT.

Miss Pat is overheard on the video mocking the young child, referring to her repeatedly as a “crybaby.” Moments later, the woman then tells the other children on the bus to join in the chant, “cry, cry, cry.”

The distraught girl can still be heard sobbing though the mocking chants, but that didn’t stop Miss Pat from escalating her cruelty by saying to her, “I want my mama!”

A parent of one of the students on the bus, Monna Perez, got misty-eyed when she was shown the video of the incident. Perez told KSAT, “If you can’t bully at school, why are they allowing it on the bus?” she pointed out.

Another parent who asked not to only be identified as Lucy told KSAT, “She treated the child as if she was a child herself, bullying the child. Having the other children follow her example, that’s just wrong.”

Upon watching the video, Floresville Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Sherri Bays told KSAT, “I was very concerned with that and it’s definitely not appropriate. I think she’s acting very childish and immature.”

Despite the fact that many who got wind of the incident feel Miss Pat behaved like a bully, she was not terminated for her unprofessional actions. According to Bays, the driver was disciplined but no further information was given to KSAT.

Meanwhile, Miss Pat has resumed her usual bus route.

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