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A 16-year-old Virginia Beach boy (pictured) is speaking out against Patience Perez (pictured), a 23-year-old married mom and a security guard at his school, who approached him for sex when he was just 15-years-old a year ago. The boy, along with his mother, decided to come forward after Norfolk and Virginia Beach judges failed to give his abuser jail time, according to WTKR.

The youth, who attends Virginia Beach’s Renaissance Academy and did not provide his name, told News 3 that Perez approached and provided him with her cell number and email address. The boy admits he was flattered that an older woman was interested in him sexually, but as time passed, their relationship progressed into something dangerously more forbidden.

“Initially it was supposed to like the thing where we just like, have sex and then like that’s it,” he said. “But then it turned into something much more. It turned into a relationship.”

The affair, which lasted one month, would take place at Perez’s home after school hours. The boy also came clean about sneaking out of his residence to visit Perez as soon as his mother fell asleep. The boy claims that Perez admitted in court documents that “We were drinking, you know, smoking.”

According to the youth, Perez also admitted to him that her husband was a sailor, rarely home and would abuse her on occasion. Perez joked about wanting him dead, the boy claims. The affair came to a halt when the boy’s mom caught Perez at their home and summoned the authorities.

A year later, Perez’s jail time was suspended and her sentencing was deferred for a year.

Now the high schooler and his mother are angry that Perez did not get any jail time. “If it was a dude, if it was an older man and a younger female about my age, that dude would be locked up for rest of his life,” the boy said.

Now the youth claims he is “ruined” mentally by the entire affair and is starting a petition, along with his mom, demanding that Virginia judges hand down harsher sentences for sexual abuse crimes.