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Exchange Student Eats Pot Cookie, Jumps to His Death in Colorado

A Wyoming college student on spring break in Denver ate a legally purchased marijuana cookie that a friend bought from a Colorado recreational pot shop and later jumped to his death, the Associated Press reports. Levy Thamba Pongi, 19, a native of the Republic of Congo, was a student at Northwest College in Powell, Wyo. He jumped from a motel balcony March 11, and an autopsy report gives marijuana intoxication as a “significant contributing factor.” This marks the first time the Denver medical examiner has listed edible marijuana as a contributor to a death, Michelle Weiss-Samaras, a spokeswoman for the office, told AP. Read more.

Tyrese Gives Daughter Confidence Lesson In Viral Video        

That’s 6-year-old Shayla Gibson, getting a lesson in self-confidence from her famous dad, the successful singer, songwriter, actor and bestselling author Tyrese Gibson. “I am amazing. I am significant. I am smart. I am beautiful. I am special,” he has her repeat in the video posted to his Facebook page. “It doesn’t matter what you say about me. It’s about the way I feel about myself. I love me — so it doesn’t matter if you don’t love me.” It’s a lesson every little girl should receive. Read more.

According to Hollywood, All the ‘Gods of Egypt’ Are White

This year, a spate of historical films heads to theaters and despite how far we’ve come as a society, many of them continue to look very, very pale. According Ruby Hamad of Australia’s Daily Life, all of the lead actors in the upcoming big budget film Gods of Egypt are all white, despite Egypt being anything but. Read more.

Phylicia Rashad Cringes At The Current State Of Sitcoms

It’s been 22 years since the universally-acclaimed “Cosby Show” went off the air, and sitcoms just haven’t been the same since, according to Phylicia Rashad, who played family matriarch Clair Huxtable. When Rashad stopped by HuffPost Live to chat about “Frankie and Alice,” her new film with Halle Berry, host Marc Lamont Hill asked for her thoughts on television comedy today, and Rashad didn’t hold back. “Oh! No comparison,” she said. “I’m sorry, there just isn’t.” Read more.

National Civil Rights Museum Completes $27.5 Million Renovation  

The Lorraine Motel in Memphis holds a historic place in world history. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated there on the hotel balcony near his room on April 4, 1968. The site is now home to the National Civil Rights Museum and on Saturday, the museum will re-open to the public after $27.5 million of renovations. Read more.

Instagram Reunites Woman With Siblings She Hasn’t Seen In 18 Years

Nia Edwards, 23, hadn’t seen or heard from her sister, Brenda, 42, in about 18 years, but, thanks to a social networking app, the two sisters reunited online about two weeks ago, WLBT reported. Edwards had tried Facebook and MySpace in the past, but finally had luck with Instagram. She commented on the Instagram photo below, saying, “Hey I’m your sister Nia Edwards I haven’t seen you since I was 4 or 5. If you are Brenda Edwards daughter of Milton Edwards I love you sis.” Her long-lost sister responded, “Yes lil lady I have been looking for you, love you too do you have a phone.” Read more.

3-Year-Old Kicked Out Of Daycare For Cursing

Three-year-old Arianna is like most little girls she loves to play and everyday is a new adventure. Her mom, Cassandra Wright, says she loved going to daycare at the Jubilee Child Development Center, but now she’s banned from the building. Read more.