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Meet Mr. Personality himself, TerRio Harshaw (pictured), who first captured the hearts of fans worldwide on Vine with his “Oooh Kill ‘Em” dance moves last July. Now, he is touring the country, according to the Miami New Times.

The pint-sized 6-year-old Riverside, Ga., tyke can shake it like nobody’s business. Despite his girth, his killer moves have impressed the likes of A-list celebs such as Arsenio Hall and LeBron James. As a matter of fact, James has used the “Oooh Kill ’em” phrase on TV and reportedly stole some of TerRio’s signature dance moves.

TerRio has managed to secure a manager, Herbert Dooney Battle, who discovered the first grader online. “I found him online before he got big and went and got him,” Battle says. “He was buzzing a little, but after Oooh Kill ‘Em, it just went insane.”

The cute little chubster has shot his first professional music video, which he is reportedly ecstatic about.

Financially, TerRio is making quite a nice living for himself, mom and three siblings, who were reportedly struggling and constantly facing eviction notices. Now the family lives in a five bedroom house, thanks to the monies generated by his success. TerRio charges $8,000 for a three-hour nightclub stint. The boy’s riveting antics have also secured him solid money on T-shirt and hoodie sales that fetch around $25 and $46 a pop, respectively.

There are those who are not too thrilled about a 6-year-old child being showcased around the country for liquored-up club-goers, so a petition on has been started to get the child back in school and “out of the clutches of social network fame.”

But TerRio’s family is pleased with their dancing prodigy’s success–especially his 10-year-old sister, Mikayla.

Everyone used to make fun of TerRio for being big, but now people that never ran with us, run with us,” she said.