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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission head Victoria Lipnic  stopped by “NewsOne Now” to discuss employment discrimination in the United States and the legacy of Title XII of the Civil Rights Act in effecting it. Attorney William L. Robinson, who played a primary role in bring the first Title VII cases before the Supreme Court, was also on hand for the conversation.

Lipnic said, despite hopes for a “post-racial” America, the EEOC gets about a 100,000 charges of discrimination every year. “There’s plenty of good, old-fashioned discrimination to go around,” she told Martin. Lipnic says, however, that the 1964 Civil Rights Act and its employment provisions have transformed the workplace.

Listen to more of what Lipnic and Robinson have to say about modern employment discrimination and how the EEOC has, and will continue to, improve working conditions for Americans. Lipnic also shared how you can file a discrimination claim through the commission.

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