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Two California women were arrested after they tried to get refunds on items they allegedly stole from a Home Goods store in Moraga, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

The cops say Oakland resident Dominika Johnson (pictured left), 25, and Antioch resident Kendra Hill (pictured right), 28, walked inside of Home Goods, stole items from inside of the store and later brought them back to claim as returns. They ended up getting store credit. Johnson and Hill were arrested soon after and booked into the County Jail in Martinez.

Police claim that Johnson did the same thing on March 31, April 3 and April 5.

At the time of the women’s arrest, children were found in their car; they were unharmed and placed on the custody of a relative. Police did not say how old the children are, how many were in the car or what their relation to the women were.

Hill was charged with burglary, conspiracy, and child endangerment and Johnson was booked on four counts of burglary, conspiracy, receiving stolen property, violation of probation and two outstanding arrest warrants for traffic violations and grand theft.