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Fox News’ senior political analyst Brit Hume (pictured) was part of an all-White panel on Chris Wallace‘s Fox News Sunday program, where he accused Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama of playing the race card. Hume was especially harsh on Holder, calling him a “crybaby” after the Attorney General complained of poor treatment by House Republicans.

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Hume responded to Wallace opening the show with a clip of both Holder speaking of his treatment at a Capitol Hill hearing at the National Action Network convention last week. Obama, too, spoke at the convention, stating that Republicans have enacted a series of harsh voting regulations that seem to undermine voter’s rights.

Hume first brushed aside Holder’s and Obama’s statements by bringing in to question President Bill Clinton‘s impeachment hearings and other past dealings. Hume’s view is that what Holder and Obama have faced is not fueled by race, although he doesn’t quite articulate the facts to prove this.

As heard on Fox News Sunday:

And this strikes me as kind of crybaby stuff from Holder. My sense about this is that both Eric Holder and Barack Obama have benefited politically enormously from the fact that they are African-American and the first to hold the jobs that they hold and this — I don’t know if he specifically meant race or not, I suspect perhaps he did. But to those two men race has been both a shield and a sword that they have used effectively to defend themselves and to attack others. And I think it is depressing at this stage in our national life after all we’ve been through on this issue and given the overwhelming consensus on the issue of civil rights that this kind of stuff is still going on.

Amazingly, Hume attacked the President and Holder by assuming what their stances are and did little in the way of follow up. To add further insult, Hume alleged — like many other prominent conservatives — that racism is a thing of the past. Hume’s dismissal of Holder’s and President Obama’s observations on race is indicative of the shortsightedness of conservatives and many members of the Republican Party.

Finally, Wallace alleged that Holder and Obama made their statements as a timely strategy to mobilize the Black vote ahead of the November elections later this year.

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