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When Keoni Hudoba looked in the mirror at his 325 pound reflection, he never imagined the life he has today would even be possible. The man staring back at him these days is an Under Armour athlete (alongside new brand spokesperson, ballerina Misty Copeland) and creator of the interactive, insanely addicting spin class at Cyc Fitness. Having lost half his size, Keoni is not only an inspiration for his students nationwide, but an example for us to pursue our best selves, no matter where the journey begins. A pivotal decision to become “1000% percent”  committed to health, transformed him from an overweight opera singer who struggled to complete an eight-count audition, to the lead in nationwide Disney productions. Now Keoni performs on a new stage that allows him to move his audience in a brand new way.

Listen to Keoni’s inspiring story and his advice to those embarking on their own journey below. 


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