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Attorney Chokwe Antar Lumumba, 31, lost his bid to replace his late father, revolutionary human rights attorney Chokwe Lumumba, as mayor of Jackson, MS to Tony Yarber, 36, in a closely watched mayoral run-off election that found Lumumba trailing throughout the evening.

The final count: Lumumba (17,545–46 %); Yarber (20,463–54%).


Lumumba, Yarber Head To Run-Off In Jackson, Miss. Mayoral Race

‘Who Killed The Mayor?’ Miss. Supervisor Says Chokwe Lumumba Was Assassinated, Farrakhan Offers To Fund Autopsy [VIDEO]

“It’s a vote for experience. It’s a vote for unity. it’s a vote for the candidate who has the ability to bring all people together who can do this job tomorrow,” said Mayor Elect Yarber.

Yarber Declares Victory

Lumumba addressed supporters via his Facebook page, vowing to continue working for the city of Jackson:

A great man once said “Our Movement is not measured by the size of the crowd… But by the size of our revolutionary hearts.” That man’s name is Chokwe Lumumba. Tonight, I stand proudly with each of you. I stand proudly knowing that we fought this battle with integrity, compassion, selflessness, hope & most of all, Love… Love for our great city and its great citizens. We were told by many that we were too young, too inexperienced, too progressive- for City Hall, perhaps… But not for the City of Jackson. I’d submit to you that the only thing we are too young or too progressive for is believing that our work stops with the vote… It most certainly does not. Our goal is to work to make Jackson Rise for all of our citizens…not just some. With that being said, The People’s Mission continues… It continues and it does not stop for us. We look forward to working with Mayor Elect Yarber and to ensuring that the People are involved in the process. We have much work to do and together we will get it done. Free The Land! FREE the Land! FREE the Land! For the Work… We do for the people… Did not stop today. WE, will continue to rise as a city together. I love you and I thank you… Jackson rises… Together we rise!


Chokwe Antar Lumumba

Lumumba Concedes Mayoral Race

Some voters believe that the tide turned against Lumumba when a suspicious “attack” surfaced, showing Yarber mocking “the selfies chicks take when they in the Club and they feeling themsel(ves) in the bathroom—ducklips!” 

Lumumba, who has run a clean campaign even in the face of bigotry and slander from Yarber supporters who questioned his Christianity, denied any involvement in the ad:

It has come to my attention that my on-air denouncement of the negative campaign ad against Tony Yarber may not have appeared during some WAPT news segments. Therefore, I have posted it here for all to view.

I understand a cease and desist letter has already been provided to all media outlets. I urge all media outlets to honor that request and cease all viewing of this advertisement. This ad and ads like it are not only deplorable and disrespectful, but they cause division and dissension among voters.

I appreciate the enthusiasm my supporters have exhibited in defending my honor and sharing that, contrary to the thoughts of some and the omissions by some media outlets, I have fully denounced this negative ad and ALL negative campaigning. Supporters, I ask you to always remember that our campaign IS and WILL ALWAYS be one of compassion, even to those who may falsely persecute us. Please be respectful in all that you say and do.

Never forget…LOVE + The People’s Power = Progress.

The timing of the ad greatly benefited Yarber and the political players involved in its creation continue to feign confusion about its origins.

Lumumba Supporters React To His Loss

When one supporter voiced her belief that Lumumba would continue to lead Jackson even though he lost the election, he responded:

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