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After disturbing a quiet neighborhood in Detroit for months, a group of squatters were evicted out of the home they occupied. However, they didn’t leave without a fight.

WXYZ 7 reports that when one of their reporters tried to speak with them, a member of their party threw barbecue sauce at them. The news station first got the story after neighbors complained about the squatters. After some investigating, WXYZ learned that the people living in the house had a fake lease.

But because of the law, Detroit police could not force them out.

Over a six-month period, neighbors claim that the squatters brought much disruption to their community, until Chase Bank started the eviction process.

A dumpster was placed outside of the home, signaling the end to the squatter’s occupancy in the home. But when a reporter tried to interview them, one of them threatened to shoot her.

On the final day of eviction, the squatters threw food items at the reporter and the news truck.

Check out the action below:

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