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Youtube Personality MagicofRahat has struck again.

As previously reported by NewsOne, in March, Rahat tricked a homeless man named Eric into believing that he had won the lottery after giving him a fake ticket. In fact, Rahat had given a store clerk $1000 in advance to give to Eric after pretending that he had a winning ticket.

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The story itself was a tear-jerker, but what was really beautiful was that Eric unselfishly tried to share his good fortune with Rahat.

After the story went viral, Rahat was inundated with emails from people who wanted to help Eric, so he set up a fundraiser with the goal of raising $20,000. In just a couple of weeks, $44,000 was raised by people online who were touched by Eric’s story.

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Rahat took the money and not only bought Eric a house, but also furnished it, set up his utilities and opened a bank account.

See the story unfold below: 

Click here to watch the original lottery ticket prank.