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Hard-core rapper Gucci Mane (pictured) will spend 39 months behind bars after pleading guilty on Tuesday to a federal firearms charge. Mane, whose actual name is Radric Davis, was reportedly advised by his legal team to accept a plea agreement that would have spared him up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $500,000, reports CNN.

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Mane’s latest legal woes took place on September 12th of last year.  The 33-year-old performer, who was a convicted felon at the time, was discovered by authorities to be in possession of a firearm.  Two days later on September 14, Mane was busted again with a different revolver. During both busts, Mane’s guns were loaded and he was said to be behaving in an erratic manner, threatening police officers and his lawyer.

The young rapper has unfortunately run afoul of the law many times in the past. Mane’s rap sheet goes as far back as 2001, with offenses that run the gamut from violence to drugs to guns to traffic offenses.  In 2011, Mane was arrested for reckless driving and he faced possible revocation of his probation from a previous crime. Mane’s legal team argued in court that their client was unable “to go forward and/or intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing.”  The occasional actor was committed by a judge to a mental health facility for evaluation, where he was released a few weeks later. At the time, no further information was granted on his early release.

Mane also made headlines last year for reportedly smashing a bottle over the head of an army soldier who had recently been deployed to Afghanistan.  The military man was celebrating his birthday at an Atlanta nightclub and approached Mane for an autograph. The man claimed that, out of the blue, Mane reacted violently to his request by striking him over the head with a champagne bottle.  As a result of the violent reaction, the soldier received stitches to the head and he also sustained a concussion. Mane allegedly fled the scene after the violent outburst.

Mane’s sentencing for the federal firearms charge is scheduled for July 28th.

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