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Arrijana Hill (pictured), a pregnant teenage girl found killed in her Texas home in March may have been killed by the expectant Father, according to authorities following the case.

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Officers say a 17-year-old has been arrested in the death of Hill who was 16 years old and had been carrying twins at the time. A DNA test conducted on the fetuses determined the suspect as the Father.

“They were looking at this suspect from the beginning. Had to get some lab results back to build a strong case,” said Lt. Patrick Savage, with the Pearland Police Department. The suspect was also a known friend of Hill and went to the same high school as she did.

The Galveston County Medical Examiner’s Officer determined Hill died from manual strangulation and stab wounds. Since the twins also died, the youth has received capital murder charges.

“Today was definitely helpful in starting more of the healing process and a little more closure for us and my family,” said Opal Hill, Arrijana’s mother.

“My daughter had a delightful spirit — always smiling, always happy, so I continue to remember her as that person who was always happy and always in a good mood and smiling about something.”
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