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Anyone who falls from an 11-story building will likely have a slim shot at survival, but one baby boy got very lucky. Fifteen-month-old Musa Dayib (pictured) wandered out onto the balcony of his 11th floor apartment in Minneapolis, fell off and survived, reports the Star Tribune.

The pint-sized tot, who is in critical but stable condition, suffered broken arms, bruised lungs, a broken spine, and fractured ribs. Miraculously, he suffered no brain damage. Doctors predict Musa will have a tough road ahead but is expected to make a full recovery.

Musa was playing with his 3-year-old sister when he wandered off to the balcony that had a door with a broken lock. When the boy fell, the little girl ran to tell her dad, Guled Ahmed. When Ahmed ran to see what happened to his baby boy, he looked over the balcony and saw his child lying on the ground. The desperate dad grabbed his daughter and dashed down the stairs to reach his son, who was lying on a patch of soft mulch crying. Musa missed hitting the concrete pavement and a large steel box by inches.

Musa has stupefied the medical team at Hennepin County Medical Center, the facility where he was transported to for treatment. He is already being referred to as “a miracle.” According to Tina Slusher, a pediatrician at Hennepin’s children’s intensive care unit, kids are more flexible and pliable than adults but even she is surprised that Musa survived the fall, telling KARE-11, “If you and I fell that far, we would be dead.”

Meanwhile, neighbors horrified by what happened to Musa have set up a fund for the Somali-American family. Owners of the Ahmed’s building complex also met with community members to discuss instituting safety measures, so that accident’s like the one Musa experienced will never occur again.