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And who did not expect this?

Naturally, the elevator beat down that songstress Solange Knowles gave bro-in-law Jay Z over who-knows-what last week was just ripe for Saturday Night Live. The infamous fight was poked fun at on the comedy show’s season finale. A-list actress Maya Rudolph (pictured center) played the role of Beyoncé.

As inquiring minds continue to wonder what Jay Z and Solange said to each other during the one-sided fightfest, SNL came up with their own lines which were a crack-up. According to the show, the battling in-laws were not arguing at all. The petite brawler, played by Sasheer Zamata (pictured far right), was merely trying to aggressively shoo a spider off Hova, who suffers from arachnophobia, a fear of the eight-legged insects.

“Oh my god there’s a spider on you,” Solange said in the clip. “What, get it, you know I hate spiders,” Jay said. “It keeps moving,” Solange said in between swings. “Kick it,” Jay said, as Solange tried to kick him.

SNL’s Jay Pharaoh (pictured left), who played Jay Z, explained that Bey wasn’t there at first because, “She’s off making another sexually aggressive music video about a monogamous relationship.” SNL cast member, Kenan Thompson (pictured right), portrayed the bodyguard who cautiously stood between Pharoah and Zamata as they discussed the incident. Rudolph, who later appeared as Beyoncé, dressed in a sexy number with the singer’s signature blond locks being blown by a fan, offered her take on what took place between her hubby and sister.

“Last week, we was all at the Met Ball having a great time,” she said. “We had been drinking watermelon.” Rudolph also played the pop diva two years ago when she gave birth to Blue Ivy.

The comedy team explained away the situation, peppering their comments with the fact that they all just truly love one another.

Last week, Solange, Jay Z and Beyoncé released a statement saying the family has worked through their differences and moved on. So now, it’s just all kumbaya.

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