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College and NFL scouts should be clamoring to make a visit to the small town of Manvel, in Texas, after a teenager’s video of him catching his own 40-yard football pass has gone viral. Gary Haynes, a football player at Manvel High School, catapulted onto the national stage after a fellow player and his coach filmed him doing the amazing feat.

Haynes, a 17-year-old junior, was first taped by a teammate who posted the clip on Vine last week, with skeptics alleging the video had to be faked since you can’t see a shadow. Haynes’ coach also had his doubts, so he too staged a recording of the act, and confirmed that Haynes can actually catch his own past. Local news outlet KHOU caught up with the athletic and slightly bashful teen for more:

“I didn’t think it was gonna blow up to be this big to be honest,” admitted Haynes. “I just kept hearing my phone going off and looked at it and it was twitter from ESPN, Sports Nation.”

Some allege the video is fake, pointing to the fact that you can’t see the ball’s shadow. It wouldn’t be the first time a little trickery was used in a Vine video.

Haynes’ coach at Manvel was skeptical too.

So, he shot a video on Tuesday of his 17-year old player doing it again.

“He thought I could do it but he wasn’t sure,” said Haynes. “He wanted to make sure I could do it before going on different TV shows.”

Haynes, who has never been outside of his home state or flown on a plane, was flown to New York last week to appear on a morning show. The University of Houston is rumored to be interested in offering the young man a scholarship.

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