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Living well is also about how you manage your personal life, which includes your household and it’s something that so many of us struggle with. When it comes to household project management, I approach managing my home in many of the same ways that I approach managing my marketing business, including creating an infrastructure and system to make sure that my family’s basic needs are met on a daily basis and that my home is functioning like the mothership that it is.

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My home is not only our sanctuary, it is my entertaining space, my children’s play space and my home office — which I like to refer to as my personal headquarters. My house serves a multitude of functions throughout any given week so how my household is managed impacts the ease at which I approach the day. So when I say that my home is the mothership, I do mean it more literally than I do figuratively.

We all really want to effectively manage our household, but finding the time is more challenging. By the time you cross one chore of the list, it’s time for dinner, homework or school pickup. I take advantage of technology to streamline many of the household responsibilities by using online services to outsource chores, errands, repairs, and for  my grocery shopping. Recurring deliveries of household staples come courtesy of wonderful companies who use algorithms to predict when I am running low on something and need to replenish, saving me valuable time from wondering what we need and when I’ll find the time to get it. There are so many amazing products and online services that really keep my household and me on track.

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I have come to the difficult yet sensible conclusion that household project management is the one area of my life where my money is generally far better spent than my time because it saves me precious time that I would rather spend with my family and friends.

Lauren Maillian Bias is the author of the business memoir, “The Path Redefined: Getting To the Top On Your Own Terms.” She is a serial entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and CEO of LMB Group, a strategic marketing company.