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There is hardly any mystery to the idea that robust racial and gender diversity in Silicon Valley is paltry at best; however, Google‘s recent report on diversity at the company reveal that Blacks, Latinos and women make up the lowest end of the tech giant’s employee pool.

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Google released its diversity report this week as a bid to improve the numbers, which are disparate to say the least. At the top, the company highlighted that 70 percent of its global workforce are men compared to 30 percent women. The company explains the disparity by reasoning that women only make up just 18 percent of computer science graduates.

Ethnicity data focuses on the United States only, showing that the company’s workforce is 61 percent White and 30 percent Asian. Hispanics count for 3 percent, while Blacks are second-lowest at 2 percent. Once more, Google explains that this is due to Blacks and Hispanics making up under 10 percent of college graduates, with more than half that number earning computer science degrees.

The company is launching a new diversity campaign and lists on its website tools and resources aimed at narrowing the racial and gender gaps. There are trends suggesting that computer science and programming are on the rise among people of color, and Google looks to nurture and tap in to that growing group of talent.

Learn more about Google’s plans to increase diversity here.

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