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Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), the Topeka, Kansas, unaffiliated religious organization that has built up a reputation for their extremist belief systems, are now reportedly planning to protest renowned poet Maya Angelou’s (pictured) funeral, according to WGHP.

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Angelou, who was revered globally for her literary accomplishments and commitment to civil rights, passed away Wednesday at her Winston-Salem home at age 86.

WBC followers, who have oftentimes been referred to as hate mongers, put out a call to their Twitter followers to find out the location of Angelou’s funeral.

The group also tweeted out doctored photos and scornful things about Angelou on the day that she passed and throughout the week. The disrespectful move on the church’s part has angered many who loved and respected Angelou and all she stood for.

WBC is not a genuine Baptist denomination. The church’s organizers seek out anyone who does not agree with their ideas. They have picketed churches, public events, concerts, the funerals of enlisted military personnel, and even celebrities. The organization has also zeroed in on other religions and racial groups, with gays being their main target. They often proclaim, “God Hates All Fags!” WBC protestors have even gone as far as stomping on the American flag during a few of their rallies. Another popular and shameful slogan they have used at their military protests is “thank God for dead soldiers,” which has spurred outrage.

The church, which describes itself as following primitive Baptist and Calvinist principles, reportedly has a daily picketing agenda and travels around the country to get their point across.

From 1991 to present day, WBC has participated in nearly 53,000 protests in 982 cities in all 50 states.

Meanwhile Angelou’s funeral arrangements have yet to be announced.

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