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Barely Anyone Buys Actual Father’s Day Presents

The National Retail Federation released a survey detailing how much, where, and what people will buy for Father’s Day this year. The total consumer spending rings in at $12.5 billion, which sounds like a substantial amount until it’s compared to almost every other major American holiday. Mother’s Day spending nearly topped $20 billion this year, and Christmas 2013 consumer spending totaled a whopping $601.8 billion. (At least gifting Dad is still worth more than crafting the perfect Halloween costume. In 2013, consumers were estimated to spend $6.9 billion on the holiday.) Read more.

Woman Ups the Ante in Neighbor Feud with Shocking N-Word Sign

A feud between neighbors in Washington state really escalated quickly when one neighbor put up a sign referring to the other’s children as “n*ggers.” Jennifer Garrison told KXLY that she’s been harassed with signs from her neighbor’s window for years, but now things have gotten too far out of hand. The signs normally say “hillbillies” and show a hand flipping them off. Garrison said she’s a “prisoner in my own home” by being “verbally abused” like this. Her boyfriend confronted the neighbor and said they’re actually redneck, not hillbilly, and after that exchange the neighbor put a new sign up going after Garrison’s half-Cambodian children: “NO UR N*GGERS.” Read more.

NYPD Raids Two Harlem Housing Projects in an Attempt to Arrest 100+ Gang Members

Early-morning raids at housing complexes in Harlem led to the arrests of more than 100 suspected gang members. The suspects were operating out of the Manhattanville Houses and the General Ulysses S. Grant Houses, two city-run complexes that some 400 law enforcement officials descended upon Wednesday. Many have already been indicted in a conspiracy case and are expected to be arraigned on charges that include conspiracy to commit murder. Read more.

Human Rights Groups Urge Senate Judiciary Committee To Reject Michael Boggs

Progressive groups are piling on opposition to Michael Boggs, President Barack Obama’s nominee under attack for his socially conservative record on gay rights, civil rights and abortion. More than two dozen human rights organizations signed on to a letter sent Wednesday night to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee warning that Boggs is a “serious threat” to civil rights and urging senators to oppose his confirmation. Read more.

JET Magazine’s Final Print Issue Marks The End Of An Era

JET Magazine has come a long way from its founding as “The Weekly Negro News Magazine” in 1951, announcing its transition to all-digital format last month. That day has finally come. The front of its final printed magazine is an assortment of the most iconic covers of JET’s 63 year run, and the issue will include a retrospective look at news covered over the magazine’s long history, encapsulated in its catchphrase: “If it isn’t in JET, it didn’t happen.” JET Mag’s new app — available on all tablet and mobile devices — is set to launch June 30, and will have an EBONY and JET digital store as well as new interactive features in addition to their usual content. The last issue of the legendary magazine will hit newsstands on June 9. Read more.