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Fox 2 news is reporting that a woman was found dead in a home on Detroit’s west side. Police have not released the identity of the woman. Meanwhile, they have been investigating and searching for a missing family.

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According to Fox 2, that family is 27-year-old Alicia Fox, her children, 6-year-old Kayla Hunter, 9-month-old Christian Justice and Alicia Fox’s husband 28-year-old Erin Justice. Family members have been scouring this neighborhood, putting up flyers and searching abandoned homes for this family. Today, they received a phone call that lead them to a home on Penrod Street.

The uncle of Alicia Fox believes the person he found inside the basement is his niece but the police are not confirming the identity of the young woman that was found.

For more details and comments from the family of Alicia Fox, watch Fox 2 News report below:

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