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Joe Wilson is an idiot. Still, you have to admire his testicular fortitude for interrupting the president during his speech to congress on health care. He was clearly offended by the fact that Obama might give health care to illegal aliens. Independent fact checking organizations have determined that Obama was in no way giving a false statement. Still, what if he was lying and Obama was secretly planning to give migrant workers health care? That would hardly be the worst thing a President had lied about.

If Democrats had the testicular fortitude to call out Bush on his lies, maybe we could have avoided the war in Iraq. The center for public integrity determined that the Bush administration made 935 false statements (lies) to get us into the war in Iraq. If one Democrat had the courage that Wilson had and called out the Bush administration on one of their 935 lies that led to the war in Iraq, maybe we wouldn’t have wound up in this mess.

Because of the war in Iraq, 4,346 American soldiers have been killed and 31,494 have been wounded. On top of that, it is estimated that over 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died during the war in Iraq. Those 935 false statements led to thousands of people dieing for false reasons. Obama’s one lie (if you give Wilson the benefit of the doubt) would lead to immigrants getting health care.

So, Mr. Wilson, may the party that is without sin cast the first stone from one of John McCain’s 10 glass houses. Given the fact you strongly supported George Bush and his 935 lies that led to a war, you are hardly in the position to call our President a liar. If only you had the same desire for truth in matters of war and life and death that you have for illegal aliens getting health care, I might be able to take you serious.