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The Stockton Police department sparked a social media frenzy when they posted the mugshot of 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks on their Facebook page.

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The intense interest in Meeks, a convicted felon arrested on five felony weapon charges and one gang charge, has taken police officers by surprise.

“I have not seen that many likes for a photo before,” said Officer Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department.

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Early Friday morning, Meeks’ photo had amassed close to 40,000 likes, 4,300 and approximately 13,000 comments.

Read a few below:

“Sure like to wake up next to that. Hot dam!”

“I wonder if it hurt him when he fell from heaven. This guy is charming…”

“Are they jailing hot guys so the ugly ones have a chance?”


“Oh my god he can rob my house and assault me anytime.”

“wow….those eyes..just saying..i know it’s wrong he’s been a bad boy…..dang ….I need to run to confession lmbo nah but seriously he is a cutie! bless his heart! lol I’m just jealous cuz he’s got a glamor shot for his mug shot and my license looks like a sorry drunken drag queen j/s LOL”

And that’s just Facebook. The gorgeous felon with the chiseled cheekbones also set Twitter ablaze.

Memes created in his honor include him being photoshopped into a Calvin Klein ad, Hugo Boss and others. In one meme, Scandal‘s Olivia Pope is giving up Fitz for the blue-eyed bandit. And in a stunning twist, a woman named Palmer Yates has even set up a fund to raise Meeks’ $900,000 bail. At the time that this article was published, $35 dollars had been donated.

Meeks, who was charged with street terrorism, was one of four men taken into custody during Operation Ceasefire in Stockton.

Silva called Meeks “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area,” but the man of the hour insisted in a jailhouse interview that even though they “found a pistol in [his] trunk,” he is no longer a criminal.

Jeremy Meeks Speaks Out

Meeks is scheduled to be arraigned Friday afternoon.