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NBA Indiana Pacers’ superstar player, Paul George (pictured left), is reportedly being sued by Daniela Rajic (pictured) for full custody of their 2-month-old daughter and for an unspecified amount of child care. Rajic, a former stripper, is alleging that George is too busy on the court to be a parent, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

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The court filing, which was moved to the federal level on Monday, allegedly contends that George “is not capable of the care of the child… due to, among other things, his professional obligations, his lifestyle, and his residency away from the child.”

George, who is unmarried, met the 24-year-old Rajic at a Miami club, where she was a cabaret dancer. The pair reportedly went on to have a sexual relationship for  a few months. The court papers also pinpoint a time when Rajic could have possibly conceived the 6’9,” 24-year-old’s child,  She “had intercourse with [George] on several occasions covering a period of time which includes all possible dates of conception, including, but not limited to August 2012, and [as a] result [Rajic] became pregnant.”

Olivia George, who was born on May 1 at a New York hospital, has never even met her dad, according to Rajic, who lives in Queens. In addition, George is not named as the Father on her birth certificate.

George, who lives in Indianapolis and is expected to bank at least $3.3 million this year, already had a positive DNA test in relation to the child, according to Rajic.  A spokesman for the superstar hoopster contends, however, that there is yet another paternity test that will offer the case “legal confirmation.”  George has reportedly verified his paternity verbally, and according to the suit, he “has paid various medical and other expenses” related to the pregnancy.

George has released a statement with regards to Rajic’s legal filing, according to Page Six, stating, “I will fully embrace my responsibilities.”

Meanwhile, George’s legal representation told Page Six, “This is a routine paternity case, but perhaps someone finds it unusual that a high-profile athlete is willing to accept responsibility and provide emotional and financial support for a child once it is legally determined to be his.”

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