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San Francisco police are searching for a woman who robbed an 8-year-old outside a convenience store, KTVU-TV reports.

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The young girl was reportedly selling candy inside the store near Divisadero and Eddy Sts. on Monday. She and two other friends were standing behind the woman who was walking away from the counter because she didn’t have enough money to purchase beer.

According to the store owner, the woman kept looking at the girl’s candy and money.

“The kids have the money in a clear bag,” he said, speaking anonymously. “So you could see all the ones in the bag.”

When the girl went outside, the suspect reportedly approached her and asked for some change. As she reached for the coins to help, the woman “ended up grabbing the child’s arm, twisting it until she let go of the bag of money,” commented Gordon Shyy, a local police officer.

The woman escaped with the money.

Police describe the woman as a 40- to 50-year-old African-American woman.

The girl sustained minor wounds in the robbery. resident George Daugherty stated, noting how unfortunate the situation was.

“It’s terrible, especially stealing from kids,” Daugherty said. “There are a number of schools around here, and the kids are always selling cookies and candy. And I say all of us in the neighborhood [should] try to help them and support them because they’re great kids and they’re good causes.”

Watch surveillance video of the woman here:

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