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“It’s professor Mathew Knowles (pictured) to you!” Beyoncé’s headline-making dad will be teaching a course this September 13 at the Houston Community College (HCC) called “The Entertainment Industry:  How Do I Get In?”  Knowles’ course will offer students a blueprint on how to break in to the Fort Knox industry, according to the Houston Business Journal.

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Knowles, who has been in the music game for about 22 years, has been credited as the brainchild behind the Grammy Award-winning R&B group Destiny’s Child.  He left a promising sales position in corporate America to cut his teeth in an industry that is difficult to not only break in to but to become successful in. Knowles went on to manage his iconic daughter, Beyoncé.  He also set younger daughter, Solange, on the course to fame and fortune as a singer and spokesmodel.  Knowles is the president and CEO of a record label and owns a recording studio, private event space, and exotic car rental company as well.

Knowles will teach the $295 per person fee ($350 at the door), 300-seat capacity boot camp one-day course at HCC. The course is structured for those who want to learn how to navigate through the crazy maze of music and talent promotion, music recording, producing, and distribution but are clueless about to how to get what they want from it in motion.

Ironically, Knowles, who is a Fisk University grad, had taken business courses at HCC eons ago, when he first got started in the music industry in order to get a better understanding of its ins and outs.

Knowles’ forum will be held in a theater at the college and tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Get more information here.

SEE ALSO: Former Destiny’s Child Member Arrested For Disorderly Conduct