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Dallas Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain (pictured) is reportedly facing an 18-day jail stint for getting in to a shouting match with Decatur, Ala., police last year, according to ESPN.

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McClain’s resisting arrest and disorderly conduct charges stem from an incident that took place at a park in Decatur, where there were reportedly about 500 attendees.  Investigators accused the 25-year-old Alabama All-American of yelling “f**k the police” and of trying to incite the crowd to rally against arresting officers Michael Ferguson and Joseph Walker. The officers testified at a hearing that they feared for their lives, as they were the only officers present at the time of the incident and they were supposedly surrounded by a mob of people at the park.

Ferguson also testified that he received a minor laceration on his right pinkie finger when McClain allegedly “jerked away” while he was attempting to place him in handcuffs. According to McClain’s lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, though, the officer came from behind, so how was the NFL player to know Ferguson was in fact an officer? As far as the cursing accusation, Steinberg argued that while the words on the recording presented in court are audible, it was not clear who actually uttered them.

Either way, now McClain faces jail time and is reportedly taken aback with the judge’s strict sentencing.

McClain has been arrested three times in three years on assault charges.  The gridiron baller’s jail term will reportedly be delayed since Steinberg has filed an immediate appeal seeking to overturn the jail sentence handed down by a judge.

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