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Alyssa Barrett, the 17-year-old pregnant daughter of slain United Airlines flight attendant, DeCarol Deloney-Cain (pictured below) was reportedly charged with murder after the July 3 stabbing death of her mom, according to the Chicago Post-Tribune.

The teen girl’s incarceration comes on the heels of the arrest of 18-year-old boyfriend Damarus Wren also known as Damarius McGriggs, who is reportedly facing first-degree murder charges also in connection to the Deloney-Cain murder.

Wren allegedly confessed to Gary, Indiana police investigators that he killed Delaney-Cain because she allegedly wanted Barrett to abort his unborn child with her.  Police also noted, according to the Chicago Post-Tribune that Barrett had also “frequently talked of robbing and/or killing her [Deloney-Cain] mother.”

The young pair allegedly planned to put their scheme into effect when the 54-year-old airline vet received her paycheck.

Police records indicate that Wren covered the mom’s head with a pillow case so that he would not have to look at her, then bashed it against her basement staircase.  Deloney-Cain was also repeatedly stabbed about her torso and duct-taped before her body was placed into her vehicle’s trunk and abandoned.

Police discovered Deloney-Cain’s decomposing body several days after the killing on a remote street on July 7, four days after she had been assigned to fly to a destination. Barrett had been telling anyone who had inquired about her mom, that she had flown to China on an assignment.

When Deloney-Cain’s abandoned Toyota, then body, was discovered, police investigators began retracing her steps. A search of the victim’s residence reportedly uncovered a bloody stain on the basement floor and bloodied water in a wet vac vacuum.

When Barrett went down to a public safety facility to discuss a laptop she and Wren had reportedly pawned, further questioning by police put her under suspicion for the alleged crime.

Both Wren and Barrett are being held without bail.