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The case of Pastor Steven Simon (pictured) is being referred to as a miracle by Florida’s Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

When Simon cut off another motorist after jockeying for a position on the road, he was shot in the head twice by a male suspect driving a gold-colored Chrysler Concorde.

Yet deputies are still scratching their heads as to how Simon could suddenly awaken from his unconscious state while at the hospital to provide them with every single detail about the shooting, according to The Palm Beach-Post.

The 22-year-old minister, who is married and the father of two young children, told investigators he was shot by a Caucasian man sporting white hair. The suspect was driving a gold-colored Concord, a vehicle that is no longer manufactured as of 2004. The sheriff’s office believes the vehicle’s owner will not be difficult to trace because there aren’t many of these vehicles left on the road today.

According to Simon, the incident took place last Thursday night at around 10 pm. Simon, along with friend Lovelyn Salomon who was not injured during the shooting, were riding along a road when they came upon traffic. Simon, who was at the wheel of his vehicle and the unidentified shooter began jockeying for a position on the road. Simon eventually cut off the other driver.

When both vehicles gained access to the highway, the shooter pulled up next to Simon’s vehicle. According to the young minister, the man rolled down his vehicle’s window, grabbed a revolver and fired two bullets directly into the cabin of his car.

Simon was rushed to a nearby hospital’s trauma center where doctors immediately performed surgery on him.

Meanwhile, Sheriff William Tyler whose team of investigators are still canvasing the area where the incident took place has put out a call to law enforcement agencies across the U.S. to be on the lookout for a the gold Concorde vehicle involved in the shooting. Thus far, Tyler told The Palm Beach Post that his team has already received quite a number of tips regarding the suspect vehicle.

Simon, who began his ministry at age 18, then later opened his own church in West Palm Beach is reportedly doing well and will remain hospitalized through the weekend.

Investigators are requesting that anyone who has information about the suspect vehicle, or the incident, is asked to call the Martin County Sheriff’s Office at (772) 220-7000.