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Even though the King of Pop Michael Jackson (pictured) was a musical icon, according to a few of his maids, he was not only a hoarder, but unfortunately, the King of Poop! The five women, who were paid to keep Jackson’s home clean, discussed with the New York Post what filth lurked beyond Neverland’s manicured/pristine exterior.

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“Michael sometimes ran around where the animals were, and he’d track…poop throughout the house and think nothing of it,” Maid No. 1 alleged. “Then, if you said something, he’d threaten to make doo-doo snowballs and throw it at you.”

When talk show maven Oprah Winfrey visited the famed ranch for a 1993 televised interview with Jackson and best bud actress Elizabeth Taylor, the home was scrubbed from top to bottom, the floors were buffed, walls washed, and even the windows were cleaned until they sparkled.

After the cameras left the ranch, though, Maid No. 2 alleges that the real Jackson made a comeback, reportedly settling right back in to his unsanitary habits, “He literally peed on the floor of the entryway, right where you saw Oprah walk in. It was surreal. He just stood there, unzipped his trousers, and watered the floor.”

The women revealed their former employer did not have a problem living in a clean and tidy environment but something happened in 1993 that reportedly turned him around. After Jackson’s first child molestation accuser, 13-year-old Jordan Chandler, publicly came forward with his accusations, the performer was reportedly sent in to an emotional tailspin. A lengthy court proceeding, where Jackson was represented by the late-famed attorney Johnny Cochran, resulted in the singer settling with the child and his parents for more than $20 million in exchange for their silence.

Following the Jordan case, Jackson was reportedly never the same, states Maid No. 3, “His whole life changed after 1993, when he had to pay that boy off. I’m telling you, he was the dirtiest, most unsanitary person in Hollywood.”

Maid No. 3 also spoke about Jackson’s alleged drug problem. Sadly, the artist died back in 2009 of acute propofol intoxication and allegedly couldn’t hide it from his housekeepers, “Michael was a messed-up and depraved drug addict. He was twisted.”

The maids went on to tell tales how the filth in the home would just multiply, particularly when Jackson would have young guests over to his home. The women claimed to have witnessed can and bottle tossing and food and pillow fights that wreaked havoc on the furniture.

And Maid No. 2 also  says that Jackson did not even want his bed linens changed, “There were many times I had to sneak in and change his linen. I couldn’t understand how he’d sleep in such filth. There’d be socks and underpants in the bed and half-eaten chicken and potato chips, empty bottles of wine and whiskey on the floor. And you knew he wet himself — the place reeked.”

At one point Jackson home even became infested with bed bugs according to Maid No. 3, telling the New York Post, “He said, ‘Get them the hell out of here. Call the exterminator,’ ” the woman recalled.

Other cleaning services were reportedly brought in periodically to help with the alleged filth in the home, “Everybody he brought in to clean, and sometimes we’d even get cleaning services to come in for the extra help. Everybody was repulsed. His bedroom smelled horrible. If everyone else was like me, they hated going in there,” Maid No. 3 said.

Jackson was also accused by the women of being a hoarder, with Maid No. 1 alleging, “A pack rat in the true sense of the word. He’d keep all of these books that he never read, shirts, hats and other little trinkets that fans would give him, and they’d be in the dining room, the kitchen, all about the floors, and he’d complain if someone put them in a different place, and he’d complain if we didn’t pick them up. The amount of stuff he had could have covered that entire ranch, and most of it was junk that he refused to part with.”

The women did agree, however, that Jackson’s unhealthy style of living changed when his son Prince was born in 1997. The singer’s preference for filth was then confined to his bedroom, but unfortunately, not for too long, the maids alleged.

There was, however, one place that was always kept immaculate, according to the five women: Jackson’s main closet where he housed his most prized possessions, such as his trademark black tuxedo pants, loafers, and sequined jackets.

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