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Cory Nieves (pictured) is a chicly dressed 10-year-old who plans on building a cookie empire even before he’s old enough to drive! The bespectacled fifth-grader’s to-be cookie line, Mr. Cory’s Cookies, is being heralded across these shores and now the young lad is making moves toward making his all-natural cookie dough available online, according to the New York Daily News.

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Nieves began selling his sweets when he was 5 years old by offering passersby hot cocoa, lemonade, and cookies from a stand in his hometown of Englewood, New Jersey.

The line of cookies grew so much in popularity that they are now available at markets and events throughout his home state and also in neighboring New York. The young go-getter has even brought his pop-up store to the famed West Elm furniture store in New York City’s tres chic neighborhood of Chelsea.

There are so many cookies to choose from, so what makes the Mr. Cory’s line stand out? According to Nieves, “They are made with love. They look scrumptious, and they make your mouth water,” the precocious lad told the New York Daily News.

Besides being a young boy on-the-entrepreneurial move, Nieves is quite a dapper boy at that! He reportedly loves clothes, and at such a young age, he says that his fave designers include duds from J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, and Tom Ford. The pint-sized clothes’ horse also appreciates a good pocket square.

Besides dabbling in dough, Nieves is an actor and child model, who was featured in a Pillsbury commercial two years ago.

Keep on, keeping on, Cory!

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